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Tips On Choosing Your Genset

1) Choose your power

a. Conversion rates: 1 kva = 1.5 amps, 1000 watt = 1 kva
b. Although our gensets are built to give you exact power, always Calculate your needs taking into account a little extra for expansion
c. Your load must be as a minimum over a third (1/3) of the genset power ( if your load = 10 kva, the genset must be under 30kva) as this would harm the generating set.


2) Where to place it

a. In doors: if placed in a room please ensure

i. The room is well aerated to allow for optimal cooling
ii. There is possibility of exhaust and cooling discharge
iii. There is enough space to move around the generating set for servicing

b. Open air:

i. Sound: soundproof canopies supplied as needed
ii. Protection: ensure the genset is protected by a roof
iii. Legislation and neighboring: some areas may have regulations regarding placement on the streets or sidewalks etc..


3) We are available to help you in all your decisions concerning generating sets so please feel free to contact your nearest office.


 In addition to Perkins’ renowned quality power and endurance, our gensets are among the quietest, and have the lowest emission available on the market. They also carry the promise of the best care from an accredited level 3 distributor for installation, service and parts.